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Rising Raw Material Prices and Allocations
Create Growing Interest in Crowley Chemical's Oil Extender

July 2005...Since the doubling or trebling of petrochemical feedstocks, resin compounders and polymer chemists have stepped up their search for ways to cut formulation costs and extend resin supplies. Crowley Chemical Company provide solutions. Viplex and Vycel aromatic exender oils are compatible with virtually all two-component thermosetting systems with little or no impact on physical properties.

Chris Mortensen, Manager of Technology at Crowley Chemical, is quoted as saying, "Many times properties such as water resistance and dispersion are improved by incorporating our Viplex and Vycel oil extenders. The hydrophobicity of these aromatic oils improves water resistence and translates to better weathering for the resin formulator, while a better, more uniform disperson improves physical properties. This improvement is accomplished by placing the resin or components more uniformly across the targeted substrate. Some resin end users have reported they have been able to lower the amount of resin they use in the formulation, expanding the cost savings to the manufacturer."

Examples of end use applications benefitting from the use of these remarkable extender oils are:

  1. Adhesives, particularly carpet rebond adhesives

  2. Thermosetting composite wood applications

  3. Waterproofing membranes for roofing and foundations

  4. Foundry resin compounds

  5. Polyurethane moisture cured compounds.

For more information about Crowley's extender oils, send us a Data Request. You also can call Crowley Chemical Company at 212-682-1200 or send a fax to 212-953-3487.

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