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Supplying petrochemicals and coal tar chemicals from plants in Kent, Ohio, and Oklahoma City in tank cars, tank transports, and 55-gallon drums to domestic and overseas markets.
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Crowley Reports Growing Demand for Peptrex An Environmentally Sensitive Product for Reclaiming Used Tires

Worldwide demand for Peptrex is growing rapidly in response to the global accumulation of used automobile and truck tires, reports Crowley Chemical Company.

"Recycling used tires has become a major environmental problem," said Bill Jennings, president of Crowley Chemical Company. "They make poor landfill and are breeding grounds for mosquitos. They also are a source of major air-polluting fires."

Using Crowley's unique formulations, small percentages of Peptrex help break down the elostomeric backbone of both synthetic and natural rubber.

"Thanks to Peptrex, used tires are being recycled as reclaimed rubber and used in road asphalt, rubber mats, truck mud flaps, and many other practical applications," said Jennings.

"With over 40 years of experience in the reclaim rubber business," Jennings said, "We can guide new clients through the process and transform an environmental problem into a profitable source of recycled products."

Peptrex is one of many products in the "Green" family of products supplied by Crowley Chemical Company. To obtain more information about Peptrex or about Crowley's line of environmentally-benign products, click here or call Crowley Chemical Company at (212) 682-1200.

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