Crowley Chemical Company
Supplying petrochemicals and coal tar chemicals from plants in Kent, Ohio, and Oklahoma City in tank cars, tank transports, and 55-gallon drums to domestic and overseas markets.
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Crowley Chemical Company was founded in 1920. Our world headquarters is located in New York City, and we operate plants in Ohio and Oklahoma.

What makes Crowley Chemical truly unique is our ability to supply customers with organic chemicals derived from both petroleum and coal tar.

The broad spectrum of our knowledge and experience, our consistent quality control, and hands-on, personal support are the hallmarks of the Crowley companies.

With a spirit of innovation, we continually conduct research and development programs at major universities and research centers worldwide.

Our group of organic chemicals from diverse raw material sources include:

Petrochemicals: Plasticizers/Extenders/Modifiers for PVC, polyurethanes, polyesters, epoxies, and elastomers. Polymer modifiers for sealants, adhesives, roofing membranes, and rejuvenation of road asphalt. Aromatic non-carcinogenic solvents.

Coal Tar Products:Crude tar for distillation to refined products, refined tar for road paving, creosote oil for wood preservation, naphthalenes for sulphonation, and coal tar pitch for roofing.

World Headquarters:
One Grand Central Place
305 Madison Avenue, Suite 1035
New York, NY 10165
Telephone: 212-682-1200 • Fax: 212-953-3487

Email:  info @

Mid-West Production Center:
1100 Mason Street, Kent, Ohio 44240
Telephone: 330-678-9925 • Fax: 330-678-9289

Western Production Center:
8100 Pole Road, Oklahoma City, OK 73149
Telephone: 405-632-1302 • Fax: 405-632-1380

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